Conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence) for eCommerce

Aware is a visual search and discovery product aimed at eCommerce retailers, based on a break-through Artificial Intelligence technology. Aware learns about shopper preferences in the moment (not historical data) and offers product recommendations based on visual similarities of the products. 

I led the UX design effort from user research to Conceptual and UX design working closely with the retail partner teams to deliver shopping experiences that are enabled by the core technology while fitting right in with current UX flows of retail sites.


Within 4 weeks of launch the product outperformed current retail KPIs ( conversion rates) and gained an average consumer rating of 8.9/10 and an NPS of 66.

"I loved the idea of being able to visually pick and narrow the shoe I want. Its like having a personal assistant do the sifting!"

- Female Shopper / 30 / St Louis

"It is much less overwhelming than just getting a list that says here at 800 search results that you see on every ecommerce sites today. The experience is clean and visually appealing. I love how you can see the trail of how you got to your current style with the little tracker on the right side of the screen."

- Female Shopper / 36 / Sacramento

" This is pretty neat. I liked how it may shown me shoe options that I may not have otherwise seen. I also liked not having to scroll through pages of items to find what I was looking for.  I was able to find the perfect sandal in less than 15 minutes!"

- Female Shopper / 41 / Chicago

Rupa is a passionate professional that is able to think out of the box and be innovative, while staying grounded based on qualitative and quantitative measures derived from user testing, in which she is also an expert. Rupa, who is quite charming and articulate, and a joy to work with, impressed me with her talent and great intuition
— Babak Hodjat - Inventor of Siri / Co-Founder, Sentient Technologies

The Problem Statement

The challenge was to design shopping experiences across various entry points within an eCommerce site that would offer the benefits of the AI technology to shoppers while meeting the goals of the multiple stakeholders on the retail side.

The various UX implementations of the technology included a visual search experience for browsing and discovering products, a hyper personalized page for comparison shopping, a hybrid shopping experience, and conversion and a conversational UI experience to engage shoppers through a persona.

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