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“I LOVE these ice cube trays! They beat the pants off of other ones I’ve tried for looks, effectiveness, and usability.” - FAZ,

The housewares industry is not only a high-growth, high-volume industry but also a hot bed of innovation and entrepreneurship. New products are invented and brought to market on a daily basis. How do you create and launch a product in a hugely crowded market and get it to sell?

Buzbox is the result of extensive user research and prototyping. A product that has created its own space on retail shelves in a crowded category and several international design awards. The Buzbox aims at enhancing your everyday ice cube making experience. This innovative design for the ice cube tray comprises two parts – a plastic tray and a silicon lid with a grid attached to it. The Grid-Lid system (patent-pending) makes it a very convenient and mess-free experience for the consumer to fill water into the tray remove ice cubes.

Our involvement in this project was pretty exhaustive – from product design to material selection, from manufacturer identification to pricing strategy and packaging design. We also participated in several business development activities that helped us understand market and business considerations to be incorporated in the design phase of any product.