Marketing Campaign App: Startup

Role: Concept and Product Design, Design Research

WorkSpan's Marketing app is a web based product aimed at enabling collaboration between marketing professionals to create new campaigns, execute these campaigns as well as review and track business impact. Our aim was to design products that span company boundaries and let users collaborate and execute seamlessly.

The biggest challenge in this project was that there was no precedence in many of the design challenges we stumbled upon. We went through several iterations and user feedback sessions to get to point where we felt the user experience was engaging and truly simplified the complex process of implementing multi-stakeholder campaigns.

My role was to lead the design process, generate insights through research to inform the strategic direction of the product, develop new concepts and ideas as well as the overall user experience design. 

Micro-Interactions: List View

This List View page displays all the campaigns as listings. The original design was not as engaging as we would have liked it to be. I was tasked with a turn around and asked to rethink what an engaging, dynamic listing page could look like.

My approach was to take the user's perspective on what information is key to their making a decision on whether they will participate in a campaign or not. We broke the columns down from a information hierarchy standpoint and pulled out data that will be instrumental in helping a user decide. Everything else was chunked and hidden behind additional menu elements and facets.

Once we decided what should actually appear on the listing page - I explored several options for making the information more consumable both for single listing as well as collectively across multiple listings. Visualization information such as timelines and goals will give users a sense of where the campaigns were in the lifecycle and what might be the potential impact of participating in these campaigns. 

Micro-Interactions: Actionable Activity Feeds

We needed to design an activity feed to help users stay on top of updates and progress in each campaign. We all know how redundant activity feeds, reminders and daily digests are. 

I proposed a design where we could create a highly actionable activity feed - where the user could take an action as a respond to the update or reminder. This design could also help us train the user about our app using a "if this then that" framework. 

For example, every time a new collaborator would join the campaign all existing users will be prompted to assign a task to get them engaged almost immediately. The user could also jump straight to the relevant section from the feed.

The Process

Design Research

We met with around 30 marketing professionals across multiple organizations and in different roles to gain an understanding of the current marketing process as well as the mental models and challenges around collaboration. We generate several insights from these interviews that led us to empathize with the crazy busy lives of our users and how they conduct business across several partnerships. We generated need clusters and framed problem statements to help us transition to the ideation and conceptualization phase.


We identified several personas during our research phase and identified 3 that were key to our product scope and focus. The personas served as an ongoing research platform helping us shape the overall scope of the product as well as the details of the user experience.

Mindmaps and Sketches

My process involves mind mapping, brainstorming and tons of sense making as I iterate through my concepts and designs. Below are sample mind maps and explorations of a range of thought processes from strategic design decisions to layouts and UX details.



This project involved several rounds of iterations of the overall concept as well as the flows. Below are some samples of the wireframes and flows developed during the process.

Final Design