Maya is a unique, hand-carved set of table top cutlery made from Corian, by Dupont. The set consists of two pieces – the first is a fork and the second, a knife and scoop combined in one. The unique form and functionality of a scoop and knife exists on both sides of the second piece. A user could cut their veggies with the knife side of the piece and flip it around to scoop their food and eat as if it were a spoon. This dual functionality eliminates the need for an additional spoon and the inconvenience of having to switch between a spoon and knife.

“While observing people eat, I realized the need to create a product that offered more than the current functionality by conventional cutlery. For ages, we have morphed our habits around products that have set rules of how we should use them and form our habits. I am interested in exploring this relationship between objects, culture and behavior and design products that shape our culture and perspective."

The project started, as an exploration in making an object that was not only pleasing visually but also gratifying to hold and feel in the mouth. After carving several forms by hand in different materials and iterating to achieve perfection over minor details, a final form was achieved through defining lines, varying curves and textures that felt right across multiple interactions with the product. Finally a quest for contemporary material that would convey the ethos of the design accurately and seamlessly, led to Corian by Dupont; a composite material made from plastic. Corian lends its beautiful stone like texture and finish to Maya and enables the product being rendered in the pure, dreamy aesthetic that defines it distinct style and position.


The cutlery set is the first product in the Maya series of table-top sculptures. “We are gearing up to manufacture the product in more accessible materials such as stainless steel in near future as well as adding new products to the series. I have enjoyed the process of creating Maya more than the final product itself. It was a project that taught me the most about design and helped me shape my own design values in the process” - Rupa Chaturvedi