MILK Music

Conceptual and Interaction Design for MILK Music, Samsung's Award Winning music streaming app across tablets, phones and wearables.

MILK Music is one of Samsung's most successful venture in the consumer software space, competing with the likes of Pandora, Spotify and YouTube.  MILK Music differentiated itself through design and user experience and has been a consistently a high growth product,  loved by its users. 

"It's the design of Milk that really makes it stand out from other internet radio apps" - Engadget
"Unique and refreshing user interface" - TechCrunch
"Elegant and easy to use interface" - Vibe
"Milk does bring something new to Samsung Galaxy: great software design" - Financial Times

I have participated in several strategic projects across devices - tablets, smart phones and wearables including Concept Design, Interaction Design and Design Research and Specifications.

Rupa brings a combination of strong conceptual design, deep design thinking, user research, and a proactive, can-do spirit to all her projects. Rupa has been instrumental in conceptualizing new product directions for Milk that strategically align with Samsung’s business objectives, including concept explorations of social features and Gear. In addition, she’s a true professional and a strong collaborator who doesn’t shy away from difficult conversations. I’ve really enjoyed having her on my team at Samsung, and would love the opportunity to work with her again in the future
— - Willy Lai, Director, UX & Creative Design at Apple

Project: Concepts for Music Discovery

MILK Music was growing and needed a platform for music discovery for its users. We were tasked to develop several concepts to explore user experiences that could drive new music discovery thereby leading to higher user engagement. One of my key concepts was around contextual recommendations: offering users an opportunity to explore new music while they were engaged with the app - when changing a station or when the user has reached maximum number of skips. Another concept (featured below) was aggregating music based on what users already liked and favorited and smart recommendations.

Project: Interaction Concepts for Gear (smartwatch)

The Problem Statement: Conceptualize MILK's interface on Gear - Samsung's smart watch to be launched in 6 weeks. The watch had a native audio player and native functionality that needed to be aligned with. The flagship "Dial" could not be ported to the smart watch and we needed to conceptualize new user interaction solutions to ensure users can enjoy the same experience of finding music they like but on a much smaller screen.

The Approach: My approach was to assess use cases where users will use MILK on the smart watch and design from that perspective rather than just duplicating the smartphone interface onto a smaller screen. Please see below for a detailed overview of the process and design concepts:

Project: Concept Explorations for MILK Social

As a key member of a strategic initiative to drive MILK Music towards a more community and collaboration oriented platform, I conducted user research to identify unmet needs and conceptualized several new product concepts. As we narrowed our choices and transitioned to the development phase, I contributed to the project as an Interaction Designer developing wireframes, interaction flows and interaction specifications working closely with our visual design lead. Details upon request.