MILK Music: Social

Role: Conceptual and UX Design

Social was a highly strategic project focused on taking MILK Musicto the next level by enabling sharing of content and viral growth. 

Our biggest challenges were that a) we didn't have the market share - basically not enough users to create mutual ecosystem of music sharing and b) we were not on iOS yet, thereby excluding a pretty large segment of users who could contribute to this growth.

The brief was to build a harmonious social ecosystem and make content as simple as possible to share. We started off by exploring various possibilities and use case scenarios of why and when users will share music. What does sharing mean to our users and what does a "shared" musical experience mean to them.

Within this project I worked on several micro-interactions and challenges. Some of them have been highlighted below:

Micro Interaction: Placement of Share button 

The problem statement

We had to introduce a new interface element - the share button without impacting the user experience or the functionality of the app. 


We explored several options by either replacing existing elements or identifying new placement opportunities. The directive was to keep the share button on the player screen - so we couldn't place it hidden behind the main menu. After a quick analysis of the overlap between the two different menus = my recommendation was to place the share button in one of the player buttons - replacing the contextual menu. 

Project: Share a Song

We wanted to create a very light and simple experience for the user to share a song on MILK Music. Our efforts involved exploring integrations with social media apps to create a viral effect and generate conversations around the shared songs. While our entire focus was on making sharing songs a delightful experience - I pushed the team to think about the consumers - the users that will consume the content that is being shared. My hypothesis here was that not all users would like to share music all the time. As with any social network there will be power users that post content but the majority will be viewing the content and may or may not engage with it. I called them the "lurkers". We brought the consumer perspective into our design process and starting thinking about the "receiving", "consuming". "viewing" and "lurking" experiences.